We Deal Which Categories Of Manpower

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Like all the words manpower is also a word composed of man and power, when we joint man and power we get the word manpower, to debate on this word the space on this page and on the website is short. Manpower is such a big and deep topic that nobody is perfect I think in this business.If I exemplify Hertz International then I can say that I have all types of manpower available from business point of view to mobilize to our foreign clients to cope with their manpower requirements, but if I talk about the depth of word MANPOWER then I must feel that we still lack of some categories of manpower being utilized in the vast fields of business related to manpower or labor force.

Keeping the mentioned short comings in view I can say that we have the following manpower categories we mobilize 12 months to foreign countries and also refresh our data bank.
If any type of manpower not mentioned in the following if our clients need, it would be a challenge for HERTZ INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS RECRUITERS to search and provide on timely basis.
Let’s make a short view of manpower we usually deal with.

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Bakers, Baristas, Cashiers, Pastry chef, food and beverage supervisors, kitchen helpers, pastry man, pot washers, Receptionists, Reservation agent, waiter, waitresses.

Our hotel and restaurant staff is the result of hard work done by our head hunter staff, our staff takes seach of hotel and restaurant staff on ambitious and professional basis.

We register all the certified or license holder drivers and operators with a ratio of 70% experienced and 30%

inexperienced, because for some time our valuable clients demand fresh divers and operators in accordance with their varying policies.

Our labor unskilled, semiskilled and fully skilled is very famous among all our competitors
Because our labor starts training in our own training center especially designed according to all the labor training requirements, then it works on our own local projects, giving test and showing performance then we select from the tested labor to mobilize foreign countries in gulf and Malaysia regularly.

Helpers play very important role in any field of work.
We have trained helpers for construction field, for restaurant, for hotels, for catering, for industry or factories etc etc
Helpers working with us are given a chance to advance their selves to skilled labor and usually under this chance we get conversion of helper into skilled.

How we select Engineers from our data bank to mobilize?
Engineer electrical, Engineer mechanical, Civil Engineer etc etc, when approach us through web registration, we call them for interview.
Whether Engineer pass or fail his interview our instructors hired in training center give then assignments to complete charts or tasks, whether they pass or fail in their assignment.
We take them to our construction sight, and ask them to give ideas for some of the ghost projects.
In this way an Engineer of any category passes three phases of testing.
The Engineers pass through all three phases have been employed or mobilized, immediately as per requirements/demands from clients.

The idea for testing adopted for Engineers is also applied for draftsman, AutoCAD, accounts supervisors with a slight changes according to their field of work.
In this way we get a quality manpower, our potential clients become existing clients after 1st deal is matured or after 1st batch of manpower is received.
We working on the principle of long lasting relations with our clients and customers.

House Hold Staff

House maid/ Domestic Helpers/
Baby sitter, Servant, cleaner, House boy