Manpower Introduction

Hertz International

Overseas Recruiters

On the manpower introduction page of hertz international overseas recruiters. Hertz International overseas recruiters is an organization eliminating the distance between employee and employer. We have a large number of fresh and active database with alive candidates and employers getting our services in day to day life, within a mutual decided duration and also on emergency basis.

We have hassle free working style.

We have perfect professional and experienced staff working 24 hours in three different shifts to become a part in this leading organization.
We meet with efficiently requirements/needs and demands of our valuable customers and clients.
We are mobilizing manpower with minimum of two years contract with our clients to all the Gulf countries on daily basis.

We have a well-known brand in Pakistan, people trust us, and we get a number of registrations on daily basis.
Our major source of advertisement is mouth referral marketing.
For some time as per requirement we also advertise our vacancies in print and electronic media.
We select from our database through following procedure.
Call all the candidates registered on the web page for interview.
An oral interview then a verbal test.
An assignment then a practical test.
Our passing criteria is 70% marks.
Each candidate is given three attempts with different questionnaire, unless he/she does come on the criteria he/she is our student in our training center.
A number of Job seeker register through us on daily basis and
A number of foreign employees travel through us on daily basis, we need fresh database with new registrations on both employee and employer part.

Some of the major categories of manpower, we deal with, are given below.

We maintain database of candidates in the following areas of specialization.
Highly professionals.
Managerial Staff.
Highly skilled/semiskilled/ manpower.
In Health Field
Specialized physician, health officer, laboratory technician, nurses
In Computer Science Field
Management information system (mis), IT related staff, computer expert’s hardware and software.

Shuttering and finishing carpenters.
Building maintenance supervisions related staff.
Auto mechanics, Diesel mechanics.

Fork lift operator, Heavy duty machine operator.
Welders, and others.

In Finance and Accounting
Internal Auditors, Accountant and Accounting support officers and staffs

Hotel and Restaurant Management
Bakers, Baristas, Cashiers, Pastry chef, food and beverage supervisors, kitchen helpers, pastry man, pot washers, Receptionists, Reservation agent, waiter, waitress.
For health and safety
Security officers/supervisors, Security guards. Life savior in swimming pool.

For industry Workers
Production, Sales and Marketing, and non-industrial workers /others
Light vehicle drivers, janitor, cleaners, helpers, polishers salesman, sales ladies, store keepers.

For Schools, Colleges, Universities
Teachers, librarians, Lecturers, Professors, Assist Professors etc etc.

For House Hold Staff.


Full fledge detail of categories of manpower we deal with, is given, (category/job title wise) in both the registration forms. (Job Seeker registration form, Manpower seeker registration form)