Hertz Intl Manpower Profile


Dear Sir/Madam we are not a manpower company in the normal definition of the word. We are a manpower network spanning across South Asia and covering all industries. We use only a selection of specialist partners that supplement our own recruitment drive. The service we offer is unique and we guarantee to be more cost and time affective than any of our competitor’s.


We are duly appointed by the Government of Pakistan, under license No HRD/3311/RWP. We have over 15 years’ experience in supply and managing manpower abroad. Hertz International includes offices throughout Pakistan that range in various business activities, but our core business is overseas manpower. Our brand is well recognized and trusted throughout Pakistan and therefore we have the pick of the very best labor force available.

We currently have 4 specialist recruitment offices spanning throughout the country and working with several industry specific partners. So you know are not exaggerating when we say we have exposure and access to the 170 million plus population of the country.

We search, screen and recruit the fines labor force to service the needs of our clients. We work ethically and in accordance with the international law. Whilst looking after the interest of all stakeholders throughout the recruitment process.
Since 2001 we have supplied unskilled, semiskilled and skilled manpower to companies across the Arabian Gulf for many years (Full disclosure and references will be provided to interested clients). Recently we have accelerated our recruitment drive to meet the needs of the increased demand for labor.

Aiming to be at the fore front of the manpower supply and logistic services kindly adhering to international standards with emphasis is speed and efficiency of service with no compromising with quality.

Manpower supply and logistics services

A Supply trained manpower

B Outsourcing and local manpower

C carry out selection and training

Full Turnkey Assistance

– Sourcing of qualified candidates
– Screening and assessment
– Profiling of candidate information

– Verification of documents
– Interview arrangements
– Verification of medical fitness
– Prepare and provide travel confirmation

Let us know what your labor recruitments are along with the job description and salaries and we will consult our resource manager and come back to you in a timely manner. We are here to make long standing relationships with our clients are we are completely in tune with the needs of all parties involved. We are the most cost and time effective manpower solution in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a large number of professional and vocational institutions, Government as well as private engaged in training personnel in various fields of trade. Semiskilled and unskilled workers are also available in abundance for general, industrial, construction, and forming ventures. We currently have many registered individuals that are ready for employment in various fields.

A full company profile and a detailed booklet outlining our previous projects and methods of sourcing manpower are available. We are also open to meetings either in Pakistan, in UAE, in GULF in Malaysia and anywhere in the world for the best interest of the manpower.