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Hertz International

Overseas Recruiters

Our clientele exist in various countries of the world and also in various fields of business. Any investor any businessman or group of investors and businessmen is our potential client if he needs manpower to run his business or project.
Our major clientage exists in the Gulf and Malaysia.
In Gulf we have major clientage in United Arab Emirates and some of the clientage exist in Saudi Arabia. We are one of the certified Saudi Embassy agent in Pakistan. In Malaysia our major clientage is in Johor Bahru , Raub, Kuala Lampur.
We are regularly mobilizing our manpower to the following industries.
Hotel Industry
Restaurant Industry
Rubber Factories
Furniture Factories
Foodstuff Factories
Beverages Factories
We are also mobilizing our quality manpower in the vast field of construction covering all the categories of manpower used from labor to Engineer.
We are mobilizing our manpower to the institutions providing services in the service sector area.

We provide staff to
Print media
Electronics media
Beauty shops for men/women
Telecommunications/cell phone services
IT houses/ Software houses
Rent a car/ taxi (Drivers)

We are looking day and night for new clientage and new contracts to be signed from worldwide business family.

We are open for registration on web
We are open for face to face meeting
Advance forward to us Or let us advance towards you.

exact and accurate client list is confidential to show here.
An interested employer or emplyee can be briefed for the accurate information from customer or client point of view.


is valuable and respected for Hertz International Overseas Recruiters. We give proper time to our customer for testing services and quality assurance with proper customer care.

We have customers from all the four provinces of Pakistan and also oversas Pakistanis and upto some extent foreigners also.
We take care of the following things for a customer

Our demands for suctomers/

are speedily increasing with the strategic change and increment in the advanced manners and styles of business.